Welcome to the Toybox! Come play!

Hey there! Welcome to the Imagine If πŸ˜ƒ

I’m Cat and I’m passionate about helping you to make learning more fun.

I truly believe that if people can enjoy their learning experiences, they will also remember and act on them more too! And as facilitators and trainers that’s what it’s all about right?

So I’m here to help you make that happen.

In the Toybox you’ll find a selection of games and activities, all designed and ready for you to plug them straight into your workshops. You’ll get all the materials you need to use them straight away – instructions on how to set up and run them, handouts, slides, timings etc (what you get varies depending on the activity).

You'll also find some incredible card decks that you can use within your workshops (and one you can even add your own brand to!!)

I want to make it easy for you, to save you time and to help you design workshops you can’t wait to deliver.

Want to try a few freebies out and see what my style is like? Sign up to the Playschool.

Ready to dive straight in and get the lot? Buy the Toybox BIG Bundle!

Available Products

The Playful Facilitator Deck

Ready to turn your workshops from routine to riveting? Introducing The Playful Facilitator Deck – the ultimate tool for injecting creativity, curiosity, and connection into any session. These 70 dynamic cards are designed to boost engagement and spark meaningful conversations that linger long after the chairs are stacked away. Dive into a world where each card opens a door to innovative content and a truly interactive experience. Don't just lead a workshop, create an adventure that every participant remembers – find out how The Playful Facilitator Deck can revolutionise your approach and make every session a resounding success!

Insight Ignitors

Elevate your workshops with Insight Ignitors, a set of 50 powerful questions crowdsourced from the facilitator community and designed to spark deep conversations. Add your own brand to your deck to make you stand out even more.

Transform your workshops with discussions that matter.

Playing with Strengths card deck (physical & digital)

When was the last time you explored your strengths?

I don’t just mean thinking about what you are good at, but really and truly explored them?
… explored them with curiosity and wonder.
… explored the with new eyes.
… explored them as a way to truly see yourself and your path. 

PHYSICAL CARD DECK (also available as a digital version through Deckible)
Suitable for face to face sessions

The Gratitude Challenge card deck (physical & digital)

Would you like to add an extra dose of gratitude to your day?

Tap into the power of gratitude and see what a difference it can make to your life.  You could…
… use them by yourself to grow your daily gratitude practice.
… use them with your family & friends to share your experiences and stories.
… use them with colleagues to explore and understand each others different approaches and viewpoints.

PHYSICAL CARD DECK (also available as a digital version through Deckible)
Suitable for face to face sessions

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