Playing with Strengths card deck (physical & digital)

When was the last time you explored your strengths?


I don’t just mean thinking about what you are good at, but really and truly explored them?

… explored them with curiosity and wonder.

… explored the with new eyes.

… explored them as a way to truly see yourself and your path.


The Playing with Strengths card deck allows you to do all of that. 

Playing with Strengths helps guide meaningful exploration, discussion and understanding around your unique strengths and how you use them.

You can use them alone or use them in groups. 

You can use them for yourself or use them to coach others.


What’s inside the Playing with Strengths box??

Want to take a peak inside the Playing with Strengths box?  Go one then….!

Hear what some of our previous card users have said about them...


“I’ve found the cards really useful, especially in my recent PDR when I had some difficult things to talk about. I’d been a bit emotional lately with work and getting a bit upset about things but using the cards really helped me to open up conversations with a lot more ease and I got across everything I wanted to say."

Anonymous, Manager, Hospitality

“When was the last time you got feedback on your strengths? When did you last even think about your strengths? Writing a CV, preparing for a promotion, filling in a dating profile? There is often a lot more focus on where we need to improve or develop our shortcomings rather than spending time identifying what we are naturally great at and how we can do more of it.

I had the pleasure of getting to know some coach and facilitator colleagues through a fabulous Playing with Strengths session hosted by Cat. We all had a pack of the cards and through the magic of zoom could play along virtually. It was such an uplifting experience to not only reflect on my self view of where I am at the moment, but even more inspiring was hearing how others saw me.

Whether you're an individual who has lost their way a little or a team looking to reconnect and ignite that team spirt again, having a strengths focus can make a real difference."

Amy Reynolds, Team Flair


“What a great start to my Tuesday this was!! I absolutely loved the Playing with Strengths event put on by Cat & Baz this morning. Some massive surprises came out in the session which has really got me thinking!! One of the best Leicester Business Festival events so far this year. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻"

Liam Deacy

The Playing with Strengths story…

Once upon a time Cat & Baz met up for one of those “get to know you and your business” chats.  Before we knew it we were talking about the possibilities of collaboration and what that might look like.

We wanted to do something creative, inspiring and we wanted to have fun doing it!

Not long later, Playing with Strengths was born.  Not only did we see the potential for how it could help so many others, but it also gave us a language with which to talk about our own strengths, where we overlapped and where we had gaps.  It’s a language we’ve continued to use to this day!

To celebrate our creative sides, every image has been hand-drawn by us, adding our own styles and thought processes into the mix.

We’ve played with the cards ourselves, run workshops with others and carried out 1:1 sessions to help people recognise their own strengths and how to make the most of them.

Ready to play?

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Upon purchase you'll get access to the guidebook that includes 10 different activities you can use your cards for.

Playing with Strengths Cards can (and have been) be sent to various places around the world…

Please order your pack based on where you’d like it to be sent (where you live if it’s for you or where your friend lives if it’s a gift that you’d like to be sent direct). Available purchase options are:

  • Playing with Strengths Physical card deck - UK Mainland delivery - 1 pack
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  • Playing with Strengths Physical card deck - Europe (including Ireland) - 10 packs
  • Playing with Strengths Physical card deck - Rest of the World - 1 pack
  • Playing with Strengths Physical card deck - Rest of the World - 10 packs

If you'd like a different quantity please contact us to arrange this. 😃

If you want a digital card deck, you can buy it through Deckible 

It's digital for me please!

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