Treasure Hunt

You’re looking for something different to get people moving around, interacting and having fun.

 Have you thought about sending your participants on a treasure hunt?

 A treasure hunt is fun.  Plain and simple.  But it can be used for a purpose too.

 It could be used to;

  • Help people get to know an area – it’s more unusual than a guided tour!
  • Get people moving after other static sessions
  • See how teams work together towards a common goal
  • Gather clues or items to be used in another task
  • Just for fun and to give people a chance to spend time getting to know each other whilst out and about.


You can tailor the locations, the clues and the teams to suit what you have available.

 But how?!  Don’t worry I’ll show you.  When you buy Treasure Hunt you get access to:

  • The Playbook – it talks you through everything you need to do to prepare, set up and run your treasure hunt.
  • Templates for your location list and clues (or you can make your own)
  • Basic timings and equipment lists – basic because they are tailored to a small and easy treasure hunt, but there is no limit to how adventurous you might want to be!
  • A free 15min call with me (Cat) to develop ideas or plan your final task if you choose to do one (this is completely optional).


I should advise you at this point, that there is a decent amount of prep and set up needed for this before you can run your session!  It’s only fair you know that up front right?  But I can tell you that it’s totally worth it when you see the looks on peoples faces as they search and find the clues!!


p.s. you don’t need to stop with team workshops, you could use this for family gatherings or children’s (or adults) parties!

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