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Would you love to create awesome workshops that keep customers coming back for more?

Would you love to delight and inspire your delegates by helping them to learn whilst having fun?

Would you love to have someone to help you make this happen?


Then a playdate may be exactly what you need…

What is a Playdate?

A Playdate is a 1:1 session where we work together to design your workshop, course or any other type of learning event (Gosh there are too many to list!). We work as a team; sharing ideas, growing them together and building them into something you're excited to deliver.

How does a Playdate work?

A Playdate is usually structured a little like this:

  • We say our 'hellos' and 'how do you do's'
  • You tell me about your workshop/learning challenge and where you feel you need help
  • You show me what you've already got (and it's fine if that is nothing!)
  • We talk through ideas, options, flow, structure and whatever else you need
  • We discuss what else might be needed to get the workshop finished off (this could be that you need to go and piece all the ideas together, make your handouts, gather your supplies etc)
  • I make sure you have what you need to feel motivated to get it done
  • We say our goodbyes and you leave excited to crack on with getting it ready to deliver

What can you use a Playdate for?

Some topics previous clients have used Playdates for include:

  • Designing workshops from scratch to move from blank sheet to high level design in quick fire time
  • Talking through existing workshops that have become dull and coming up with ideas to make them more fun and creative
  • Imagining and developing new activities and games to bring key topics to life
  • Coming up with hundreds of ideas for social media content ideas {I call this type an Idea Buster session!)
  • Designing 5 day challenges that flow and feel good for participants and them as the facilitator
  • Sense checking new workshop designs to build confidence
  • Sharing experiences and ideas for change programmes and associated activities
  • Learning how to use new tools and technology such as Miro, Google Jamboard, Mentimeter etc

What might YOU use one for?

What do you need to do in advance of a Playdate? (aka do I have to do homework?!)

That's totally up to you.

Some people book a Playdate because they need help to get going - in which case you can turn up completely fresh and let it all out at our session. The point is to make it easy, not to add pressure that you have to do something before hand.

And some people like to have things to talk through, whether that's sending over some slides in advance or just having spent some time gathering their thoughts and putting them on paper.

I'll work to suit your style so it's easy for you.

Is it virtual or can we do it in real life?!

Most Playdates I do are done virtually using Zoom. But occasionally someone opts for an in person session - this is usually when having a whole day together or if we happen to be in the same place at the same time. If this is your preference then we can have a chat to see how we can make that work.

How long is a Playdate and how much does it cost?

Playdates vary in length to suit your particular needs.

You can choose anything from one hour up to multiple days!

When you choose multiple hours or days, you can call off the hours as and when you need them.

⏰ One hour = £200+VAT

🕜 90 minutes = £300+VAT

⌚️ Full day (7.5 hours) = £1500+VAT

🕰️ 5 days (or more) = £1250+VAT per day

How do I know how long I'll need?

A general rule of thumb for this would be....

If you've already got something to work with and want help adding more details, engagement, structure, fun etc to it then one hour will likely be a good place to start. (For a single half day workshop)

If you're starting from a blank canvas and need help building it out from there then 90 mins is usually more suited. (For a single half day or full day workshop)

If you're wanting to build out a course of multiple workshops or want to do lots of different projects together then you might want to think about buying a day or more. Some of my clients buy the 5 day package when they know we'll work together on lots of things over a longer period of time.

Of course, this varies depending on your content, how much input you want, your own approach and style to designing workshops. If in doubt let's chat and agree what sounds like the right answer to you.

What do you mean I can call off the hours?

When you buy more than one Playdate's worth of time you can take bits of time as and when you need them. One day that might be that you need a couple of hours to go deeper into a workshop, another day it might be a quick half hour check through to make sense of something or to see what quick ideas we can come up with.

We can book Playdates in the diary in advance, but you also have the flexibility to message and ask "do you have a 30 min slot free tomorrow to help me with something that's just popped up?" Obviously the answer will always depend on my diary availability, but I'll do whatever I can to fit you in during your time of need!

Many of my clients find that booking Playdates in advance helps them stay on track and know they've got dedicated time for the design of a particular workshop. That way they don't need to worry that they'll leave it to the last minute or end up reverting to what they've done before!

Hear what my clients say about Playdates:


“Your careful prompts and structured approach has really helped me to a) feel more excited about the ideas I have (if that was possible) and b) given me a structured plan and clear actions in what was a sea of messy thoughts and ideas before that.”


“I love playdates and now factor them in when I'm designing. I've realised not only does it really help me to talk through ideas and get new ones added into the mix from you, but makes me so much more effective.

Rather than it sitting in my to do list for me to procrastinate over, I've got a finite piece of time booked in the diary to get it done and that feels so much more energising.”

Amy Reynolds, TeamFlair.”


“The session was so useful and I am now energised about it again rather than feeling like it was weighing me down!"

Chris Harvey


“It's amazing what you can achieve in a short space of time with a bit of excitement and someone to help you turn your ideas into usable and interactive products.”


“I booked a playdate with Cat because I have a worksheet that I wanted to level-up. What I have now is a worksheet that is not only fun to complete and helps people with their marketing but I've also mapped out a new workshop too! Winner!

Highly recommend Cat! "

Charlie Whyman, Curious B2B Marketing.”

“Your creative ideas were great 😃

Really brought the session alive!”

Laila Datoo,”

Ready to book your own Playdate? Hit the button and let me know!

Got questions or want to understand if a Playdate is right for you? Hit the button and we can chat 😀

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