My 3 rules for ideas

I have three rules for ideas when we work together:

Let me tell you why each one is important to us when we work together...

No Idea Is A Bad Idea

No matter the idea, there could always be a tiny seed from within it that sparks another idea in you or someone else. We sometimes have to work through the bad ideas to follow the seeds and come up with the idea that sparks joy in you.

Ideas are precious

You wouldn't reject a present from someone (even if you didn't like it) so don't reject ideas! Ideas are gifts to you (and from you) and should be received gratefully. By rejecting ideas (from yourself and others) it can close down the part of your brain that comes up with more of them. We need to keep our minds open and curious so they can keep coming up with the good stuff!!

Sometimes you have to have lots of ideas to have good ideas

This is hugely linked to the rules above. Sometimes we have to work through lots of ideas or variations of ideas before we find the one that works for you. It could even be taking little bits from some of the other ideas and putting them together to form the final one. Don't be afraid of getting all the ideas out of your head. If you're thinking "this isn't very good" or "this isn't quite right" sometimes just the act of sharing it makes space for the next great idea to flow out.

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My 3 rules for ideas

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