The Playful Facilitator Deck

Level Up Your Creativity and Spark Engaging Conversations with The Playful Facilitator Deck!


Welcome facilitators! Are your workshops spanning topics from team building to process improvement training? Whether facilitating in a corporate boardroom or conducting an online session, keep your content dynamic and engaging with The Playful Facilitator Deck - your ultimate tool to breathe new life into your workshops.


Why Choose The Playful Facilitator Deck?

Innovative Content: Dive into a collection of 70 unique cards, each bursting with fresh ideas inspired by all sorts of games and creative twists on traditional concepts.

Adaptable and Versatile: Perfect for a wide range of topics team building, soft skills topics, management & leadership, or any topic you cover.

Engagement Boosted: Designed to transform your workshops from routine to remarkable, ensuring participants are not just present but actively engaged and excited to take part and talk about it afterwards.


How It Works

Picture this: you're preparing for a high-stakes workshop. With The Playful Facilitator Deck, you can quickly weave creativity and interaction into your session:

Select a Card: Choose from cards designed to provoke thought, inspire interaction, or solve common facilitation challenges.

Engage and Inspire: Each card offers a practical idea on how to make your workshops more playful, ensuring your workshop delights your participants.

Experience the Transformation: Watch as your sessions turn into a dynamic mix of energy and insight, leaving participants inspired and eager for more.


What you get:

The deck is made up of 70 cards split into 3 categories:

🕵🏻 CURIOSITY is all about how you set up the activity. It’s about how you introduce it, how you hand out the things they’ll need, how you build the anticipation and eagerness for people to get stuck in.

🎨 CREATIVITY is focused on the activity you do and how you deliver it. It’s about designing something that helps people explore new thoughts and ideas. It could be a game, a journaling prompt or the creation of some joint artwork.

💬 CONVERSATION is absolutely key. This is where people get to share their thoughts and ahas, to ask questions, to seek agreement and so much more.

Whilst the cards are split into these three categories, there is absolutely a whole load of overlap where they interlink and combine.


Physical Deck: A7 size in a box ideal for in-person design sessions, whether that’s alone or with others.

Digital Deck: A series of 70 PNG files, perfect for online co-design sessions. Use them on digital whiteboards or share your screen for interactive discussions.

Please note that this is an image of the prototype deck - the printed ones will be bigger and proper playing card quality! The image is intended to give you a flavour of the cards. 

The benefits of using The Playful Facilitator Deck:

Increased Engagement: The deck introduces fresh, interactive elements that captivate participants' attention and maintain their interest throughout the session. This heightened engagement can lead to more effective learning and retention of the material presented.

Enhanced Creativity: Each card is designed to spark creativity in both the facilitator and the participants. By providing prompts and activities that encourage thinking outside the box, the deck helps break the usual patterns of thinking and fosters innovative ideas and solutions.

Versatility: Suitable for a variety of topics and audiences, the deck can be seamlessly integrated into any workshop format, whether it’s leadership training, team building, or educational seminars. This versatility makes it an invaluable tool for facilitators working across different fields and with diverse groups.

Easy to Use: The Playful Facilitator Deck is designed to be user-friendly, with clear suggestions on each card. This ease of use ensures that facilitators can quickly come up with new ideas to incorporate into their sessions.

Professional Development: For facilitators, using the deck can be a form of professional development. It introduces new facilitation techniques and ideas that can enhance their skills and expand their repertoire of methods.

Fun and Enjoyment: Workshops using the Playful Facilitator Deck are not just educational but also enjoyable. The fun and playful nature of the activities increase participants' satisfaction and can make learning more enjoyable.

Lasting Impact: The unique and memorable experiences created by the deck ensure that the lessons learned during the workshop stick with participants long after the session ends, leading to greater application of the skills learned and more profound personal and professional growth.


What have others said about the deck?

“It was like an explosion of ideas”

“I came up with ideas I’d never have thought of on my own”

“I’ve got so many new ways to make my workshops more fun”


The Story Behind The Playful Facilitator Deck

From Inspiration to Reality: The Creation of The Playful Facilitator Deck

It all began with a challenge I set for myself—a desire to design something new for an upcoming facilitator session. Although I had a repertoire of sessions I could have easily repeated, my drive to innovate was irresistible. At the end of 2023, I had immersed myself deeply in the world of card decks, starting with a course teaching others how to create their own (Deck Adventure), followed by developing the Insight Ignitors deck, which included crowdsourced questions from the facilitator community. This experience had card decks at the forefront of my mind.

Reflecting on my '3 C's framework'—Curiosity, Creativity, and Conversation—I pondered, "What would a card deck look like for this framework?" Suddenly, a spark of inspiration struck, and I was off. I quickly developed a prototype of The Playful Facilitator Deck in just over a week (!!!) and had the opportunity to playtest it with a group of facilitators. The response was overwhelmingly positive—they loved it! Participants were so engaged that they immediately expressed their desire to purchase the deck.

Fuelled by their enthusiasm and valuable feedback, I was motivated to refine and enhance the deck, ensuring it would be even more impactful. Knowing that my maternity leave was on the horizon, I recognised that waiting six months to bring this project to fruition was not an option—nor was it something I wanted to delay. Thankfully, my prior experience in creating card decks equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to expedite the process.

Today, The Playful Facilitator Deck stands as a testament to the power of creativity and the potential of facilitators to transform their workshops. Each card is crafted to bring a burst of energy, inspiration, and engagement to your sessions, making every workshop a memorable journey of discovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can The Playful Facilitator Deck be integrated into existing workshop formats?

Use the deck alongside your current content and look for opportunities to do things differently, adding a fresh layer of engagement and interaction.

What makes The Playful Facilitator Deck different from other facilitation tools on the market?

Our deck provides 70 unique ways to engage your participants in curiosity, creativity, and conversation, with many ideas you might not have seen elsewhere.

How should I use the digital cards during online co-design sessions?

Use the digital cards just as you would the physical ones—browse through them to find the ones that inspire you. If you're using an online whiteboard, you can annotate your ideas next to each card and revisit them to develop your favourite concepts further.

Are there instructions or guidelines included on how to use each card?

Each card provides a brief overview of its potential application. It's up to you to integrate these ideas into your specific workshop topics and adapt them to your style, making each activity uniquely yours.

Is The Playful Facilitator Deck suitable for facilitators who are new to the field?

Absolutely! Whether you're a novice seeking foundational activities or an experienced facilitator looking for fresh inspiration, The Playful Facilitator Deck is designed to enhance your workshops with fun and engaging elements.

Can the ideas in the deck be customised to fit specific workshop themes or industries?

Yes, each card is a starting point for an activity that you can tailor to fit your specific workshop theme. They can be adapted in content and application depending on the focus of your session, allowing you to control how the activity is implemented and integrated.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are included in the price of the physical deck for the UK and Europe. If you are located elsewhere in the world, please contact us at for a custom shipping quote.

How long will it take to receive my deck after placing an order?

If you order during the pre-sales period, expect your deck to arrive in about 4-6 weeks. This allows time for me to determine how many physical decks I need to order, for the production and shipping. Please note, there might be slight delays due to the expected arrival of my baby around the same time. Rest assured, I'll have help on hand to ensure your deck is dispatched as soon as possible!

During normal services, you can expect your deck to be sent out within 2-3 days and sent via 2nd class post (UK) or International Standard (Europe).

Digital decks are available as soon as you purchase.

Are there additional support options available for using The Playful Facilitator Deck?

Yes, once I return from maternity leave, you can book a "Playdate" session with me to explore how to integrate the ideas from the cards into your workshops. These sessions will be available from October, depending on my availability post-baby. For bookings, contact me directly at


Why Wait? Transform Your Workshops Today!

Elevate your facilitation game with The Playful Facilitator Deck.

Create unforgettable learning experiences that spark creativity, conversation, and connection.


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