Mission & Values

I’m on a mission to make learning more fun!

My mission is to bring more fun, play, curiosity and creativity into learning interventions in order to raise energy, engagement and aha moments.

I want to help coaches and facilitators to understand that serious play can lead to serious learning.  Games are not just for children.

The result is that facilitators feel confident to deliver highly engaging sessions that create meaningful change for participants and lead to requests for them to come back and deliver more!

I’ve got 5 values that help me achieve this…


This is where the ideas are sparked and where possibilities are dreamt about.


A chance to be curious, to explore, to be open-minded and see where the adventure takes me.


Experimentation, trying new things out, exploring how ideas could grow.


Thinking about how things could work, the process and all the pieces of the puzzle.


Inspiring others to think differently, create aha’s, take action, and transform. 

I live and breath my values every day – at work and at play.  These images are pieces of art I created to explore the meaning behind my values and what they meant to me.

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