The Gratitude Challenge card deck (physical & digital)

Would you like to add an extra dose of gratitude to your day?


Tap into the power of gratitude and see what a difference it can make to your life.  You could…

… use them by yourself to grow your daily gratitude practice.

… use them with your family & friends to share your experiences and stories.

… use them with colleagues to explore and understand each others different approaches and viewpoints.

The Gratitude Challenge card deck can be used however you choose!


Each deck contains 54 prompts to help you explore your gratitude in a whole variety of topics.  One side has a specially designed image to inspire you, whilst the other side includes the prompt to help you explore further.

Want to take a look inside?

The Gratitude Challenge story…

One day Kevin had an idea for a Gratitude Challenge.  Two days later he had a thought….. “I wonder if there might be an artist who would contribute artwork for The Gratitude Challenge”.  So he took to Twitter to find out.

A mutual friend saw the tweet and tagged Cat into his response.

The honest truth…. Cat nearly did’t respond!! But her curiosity took over and she asked to know more.

That was the day The Gratitude Challenge (and now the card deck) really came alive!

The first Gratitude Challenge ran in July 2019, with 290 people taking part from all over the world.  They got to experience the combined efforts of Cat’s drawings and Kevin’s wonderful words for the first time. 

The response was incredible.  There was something about doing a Gratitude Challenge alongside others that made it incredibly powerful for all those involved.

Since then the Gratitude Challenge had run multiple times and finally The Gratitude Challenge card deck was created to help people bring more gratitude to their lives outside of the challenge.

We dream of them being used around dinner tables and board rooms all over the world, with friends and family of all ages.

What’s inside the Gratitude Challenge card deck box??Take a look inside The Gratitude Challenge card deck here…

Hear what previous card users have said...


“I absolutely love these daily prompts and the cute graphics! They’ve helped bring clarity, consistency, depth and focus to my daily gratitude practice. Deborah Hartung, South Africa”


“I knew gratitude was important but still struggled to have a consistent practice. These cards helped take my gratitude to another level. What an imaginative and creative way to get people thinking and sharing gratitude! Héðinn Sveinbjörnsson, Iceland”


“I hijacked the day 1 gratitude challenge question for a coffee meeting with my colleagues from work. It was awesome!! We were 4 people and all shared some pictures and stories, making for much more personal converstions!!!! Tiana Steinhoff, Switzerland”

Ready to fill your life (and those around you) with gratitude?

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