Would you rather...?

Would you rather....?
Turn awkward intros into flowing conversations.


As facilitators, we know the importance of helping our participants to get to know each other (at least a little) before we spend a day together getting into deep topics and ideas. But the idea of ‘tell me something interesting about yourself’ introductions or long-winded unscripted sagas are enough to put you off the idea completely. And we know our participants would be bored to tears too.

Not only are we all bored but it’s awkward and some participants may experience anxiety about speaking in front of a group, especially when they feel that they need to share something impressive or interesting about themselves.

Trying to avoid this dull sweep of death around the room puts pressure on you to come up with something more engaging… but it’s not always that easy and sometimes it can be easy to skip this part in favour of ‘getting stuck in’ to the content.

But connection as a group is really important because it sets the scene for sharing, talking in front of the group and being free to share your honest thoughts. And you need your participants to be in this place!

When they are there, you know you’ll get:

  • More positive energy in the room, with participants smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves.
  • Engaged participants who are actively involved, showing interest, enthusiasm, and a willingness to participate.
  • A sense of connection where participants feel more comfortable and start to build better relationships.
  • More inclusivity because everyone has the opportunity to participate, and no one feels left out or uncomfortable.
  • Participants who look forward to the rest of the workshop with a sense of optimism, knowing that you have created an enjoyable environment.

You need an activity that allows people to share thoughts in a low pressure environment that adds a sense of fun and laughter to the room.

With ‘Would you rather…?’ you can achieve this quickly and easily and get conversations flowing.

Get 150 questions in both print and online format along with 14 different ways to use it!

You can use this as an ice-breaker, get to know you exercise, conversation starter or even as a way to split into groups!

In the pack you will get:

  • The Playbook – instructions and exercises of how you can use the questions in 14 different ways.
  • Printable questions set for face-to-face sessions.
  • Random question generator spreadsheet for use online (you’re welcome 😉)
  • Slides to help use the group splitter option online
  • Brief explanation to help you and your groups write your own ‘Would you rather…?’ questions (which you could even relate to the topics of your workshop to make it even more relevant)

Ready to play?


5 mins upwards (groups size and activity choice dependent)

Suitable for face to face and online sessions.

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