Code Cracker

Code Cracker is a game to test teamwork and highlight behaviours.

Two groups will work independently to solve a puzzle and reveal the answer.

They may think they are competing, but they actually need to collaborate in order for them both to win! (But you don't tell them that!)

It's amazing how the element of competition can bring out certain behaviours in people - both within the groups they are working together in, and how they react, respond and help (or not) others.

This is a common occurrence in the workplace, where people can have the tendency to work in silos, rather than working together for the greater good!

Code Cracker helps to highlight this and gives you a springboard to take the discussion further and relate it back to the workplace.

What you'll get:

  • The Playbook - instructions, introductions, explanations etc - everything you need to understand how to play Code Cracker with teams or groups
  • The Clues! - a set of clues for each team, as well as the final clues if they choose to do swaps
  • Timings - guide times for each section of the activity
  • Equipment list - all the things you'll need to run the session

Get your hands on Code Cracker now.

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