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Start Stop Continue Do More Do Less
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Ever wish there was a better option than a blank piece of flip chart and a black pen? 

Picture this: Staring at that blank flip chart, feeling the weight of monotony and the struggle to inject life into your workshop plans.

As the clock ticks, the flip chart becomes a symbol of missed opportunities. Without a creative breakthrough, your workshops risk being just another forgotten page in the flip chart of mediocrity.

Imagine workshops that go beyond the limitations of boring flip charts! A template that turns your sessions into visually captivating experiences, bring a little more joy and life into the experience.

Introducing Start Stop Continue Do More Do Less – a set of templates designed to add some pizzazz into your workshop. Bid farewell to the lifeless flip charts and add a little visual sparkle.

This activity is a useful blend of idea generation, review and action planning all rolled into one!  You pick your topic and explore each heading in turn.  It’s particularly useful when you know things need to change for the better!

You’ll get:

  • Templates for the Start Stop Continue Do More Do Less activity, both in print and online format. Use them as is or use them as templates to draw your own. (Print up to A1)
  • Instructions of how to use them, including 3 different ways to run the activity (in case it’s not one you are already familiar with)

Create a visually stimulating experience and elevate your workshop's impact by levelling up your flips.

“My participants loved the visual aspect, and I saw a noticeable improvement in engagement!”

Ready to infuse a burst of creativity into your workshops? 🚀 Grab yours below.

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