Toybox BIG Bundle

Up your workshop game with more than 22 activities, games & workshops to engage and excite your participants.

Buy the Toybox as a bundle and save £620 today.

👩🏻‍🏫 You know what sort of trainer you DON’T want to be.

👨🏾‍💻 You know the ‘death by PowerPoint’ approach you want to avoid.

🎓 You know the more fun you create in your online and face to face workshops, the more people will learn.

But you’ve been doing this a long time now and you’ve probably been asked to go back to some of the same places again.

⚡️ Staying innovative takes energy you don’t always have.

🔍 You wonder sometimes if you’re just too close to it all now to keep it fresh.

🕞 Finding the time with a busy schedule to even think about new ideas is a challenge.


The Big Toy Box Bundle gives you more than 22 new games, workshops and activities and whenever I add more to my shop, your bundle gets updated!


Imagine if…

💡You don't have to worry about new ideas anymore.

 🙋🏼‍♀️ You could see your participants actually participate (and love it!) without a struggle.

🌟 Your feedback forms are consistently glowing… leading to you being asked to return. Again.


“Just wanted to share the fun and hilarity we had today playing Communication Top Trumps with our top 100 leaders. Thank you for this amazing game.”

I am ready to play


Now let’s be honest, there is one obvious problem with the Toybox BIG Bundle.

Have you spotted it yet? 

There is A LOT of content.

Perhaps too much???

Nah, never too much but it could become difficult to use if you can’t find what you need when you need it.


But don’t worry, I saw this problem coming and as I’m passionate about making learning fun and accessible, I had an idea.

Everything in the Bundle is split into common topics/categories and I’ve an index to make them easy to navigate to. You can choose the area you want help with that day and see all the individual products that I’ve created for each one.

The current topics are below, along with how many products fall within each one. Note that some products fit across multiple topics.

  • Action planning (2)
  • Brand (1)
  • Change (2)
  • Collaboration / Teamwork (5)
  • Communication (6)
  • Feedback (6)
  • Growth (1)
  • Icebreakers & get to know you exercises (6)
  • Ideas (2)
  • Just for fun (4)
  • Leadership (2)
  • Personal Reflections & Feelings (6)
  • Story-telling (1)
  • Strengths (4)
  • Team Culture (6)
  • Trust (1)
  • Workshop Logistics (3)

 If you own this bundle, you get access to EVERYTHING HERE!


You can have it in your back pocket...

🧑🏿‍🎨 Anytime you need to go back to the drawing board

✍🏻 Anytime you’re creating a new workshop

🖼️ Anytime you need to jazz up an existing one

 The bundle is a resource you will wonder how you lived without.


For an easier job, fun and rewarding sessions to teach and even more glowing reviews, the Toybox BIG Bundle can be yours.

Of course, you don’t have to buy these 22 games, activities and workshops in one bundle. You could always buy them separately instead.

The only problem is to buy everything here would cost you £2120.

And that isn’t even taking into account the products I will keep adding as I create. This is one of those rare opportunities to buy something that will actually rise in value.


Today you can buy the bundle for just £1500 (including VAT)

How many rebookings will you need for it to pay for itself?

Are you ready to take play seriously and bring your training sessions to life again.

“Absolutely love it! It makes it SO easy for me to literally pick up and run with the activities. No stress or major prep needed, aside from a bit of printing.”


Activities and games are included for online and IRL learning experiences.


Yes please Cat, I am ready to play

*** Have you already been playing with some of the Toybox products, but are ready to upgrade to the BIG Bundle? Drop me a message and I'll send you a personal voucher code to get the equivalent of what you've already spent off the price of the BIG Bundle. ***

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get access once I sign up?

As soon as you pay, your Toybox account will be created and you will be added to all the Toybox BIG Bundle products. You'll receive an email within 30 mins (usually more like 2-5mins) welcoming you and giving you a link to the Toybox site, along with details on how to change your password.

Do I have to use the games exactly as they are described?

Absolutely not! If you spot another way you can use the games and activities then go ahead and give it a go! Let them inspire you to use them in different ways and expand the results for your participants even further.

Do you provide a script with the games?

Nah, you're the one who's an amazing facilitator and knows all the right things to say. The idea is that the games are tools for you to use however you see fit. If you need to talk more before you use them or explore some questions first; YOU are the one who will know what to say and do. I trust you - trust yourself too.    😉

That being said... there are a couple of games that give little bits of script so that they are set up without there being any hints at what the solutions are. But even then you can change the words to make them sound more like you.

Do I have to pay for new games that are added to the Toybox in future?

Nope, one of the benefits of buying the Toybox BIG Bundle is that you get all the games and activities that are already here, as well as any that gets added in the future.

If I end up branching out into courses and workshops these will sit outside of the Toybox BIG Bundle, but ALL games and activities will be included.

What's the easiest way to find my way around the Toybox?

That depends on your style....

  • if you like browsing in a candy show then you can scroll through all the products that are showing in your account (or show as available products if you haven't bought yet)
  • if you like a bit more structure then head over to the Index where you'll see a list of categories. Each category contains a number of products. Some products cross over multiple categories. This gives you a good place to start.

What if I have questions once I've bought the BIG Bundle - like if I'm not quite sure on how something might work?

When you buy the BIG Bundle, you also get access to the Playhouse. This is the Toybox community where you can ask questions, share experiences and even request new products! 

And if you need more than just a simple question answered you can always book a Playdate so we can design something together.

How long will I have access for?

You get lifetime access to the Toybox BIG Bundle. You'll be able to log in and see all the products for as long as they exist within the Toybox. But as they are digital products, you're also able to download what you need and use them for as long as you need to.

Note that the Toybox BIG Bundle does not include Playdates, physical card decks (Playing with Strengths or The Gratitude Challenge) or Deck Adventure.

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