Welcome to the Toybox! Come play!

Hey there! Welcome to the Imagine If πŸ˜ƒ

I’m Cat and I’m passionate about helping you to make learning more fun.

I truly believe that if people can enjoy their learning experiences, they will also remember and act on them more too! And as facilitators and trainers that’s what it’s all about right?

So I’m here to help you make that happen.

In the Toybox you’ll find a selection of games and activities, all designed and ready for you to plug them straight into your workshops. You’ll get all the materials you need to use them straight away – instructions on how to set up and run them, handouts, slides, timings etc (what you get varies depending on the activity).

You'll also find some incredible card decks that you can use within your workshops (and one you can even add your own brand to!!)

I want to make it easy for you, to save you time and to help you design workshops you can’t wait to deliver.

Want to try a few freebies out and see what my style is like? Sign up to the Playschool.

Ready to dive straight in and get the lot? Buy the Toybox BIG Bundle!


Imagine if learning was fun…

Imagine if play was part of your day…

Imagine if you could experience the curiosity you had as a child…

I believe it’s possible and it’s my mission to help you achieve it!

There's three different ways to work with me:

Do you want help to design your own ideas, workshop, course or programme?

Check out my Playdate options…

Do you want ready to use activites, games and workshops that you can pick up and play straight away?

Check out the Toybox…

Do you want help coming up with ideas for something alongside a group of other facilitators?

Check out the Idea Jam...

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